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Most of us don’t take a lot of time thinking about our boiler, and so long as its operating properly and giving us the heat and hot water we need then it’s a simple case of out of sight out of mind

Yet in colder climates like the UK your houses boiler is in fact the most significant appliance in your home.

If your now in the position in which you need to replace an old boiler with something new you may well realise you are somewhat confused as to which system best fits your needs and advice and guidance from a local Liverpool gas engineer will always prove useful.

The main types of domestic boiler, together with the type of property they’re best suited to are detailed below:

Combi boilers

Probably the most popular kind of boiler in UK homes today, a combi boiler provides you with heating and hot water directly. They are generally the most cost-effective to install because there is no pipe work or tank to fit. They’re also great if space is at a premium and provide mains pressure hot water through your taps and shower so there’s no need for an additional pump.

Combi boilers are usually suited to properties where the room in the attic has limitations and have a single bathroom, or where need for hot water is low, i.e only one member of the family will require hot water at any particular time.

System Boilers

System boilers include a separate water tank so space is required, but if you have that space and you need to supply hot water to more than 1 bathroom a system boiler may be the boiler for you, the heating and boiling water components are built into the boiler but system boilers use a cylinder to store the hot water meaning a lot more hot water is available for use.

System boilers are very efficient to run and perfect for anybody with 2 or more bathrooms.

Regular Boiler

A regular boiler would require a cold water storage tank in your attic space, and also a tank that maintains the heating systems water level and a hot water storage cylinder.

Of any other boiler type the regular boiler is by far and away the least economical, and the amount of space required to house all the separate units is often a real drawback for homeowners. Regular boilers however are frequently the best choice for properties with traditional heating and hot water systems already in place where current radiators and pipework may have difficulty working with the reduced pressure supplied by that of a combi or system boiler.

Biomass boiler

A biomass boiler doesn’t burn oil or gas, as a substitute it burns wood, they are much more friendly to the environment than their fossil fuel alternatives plus may be eligible for tax free payments from the government.

The vast majority of domestic biomass boilers burn wood pellets which can be added by hand or by a mechanical system. Biomass boilers work in the same manner as a regular boiler and are a good choice for larger sized off grid properties. The boilers tend to need a lot more space than a conventional boiler and are generally fitted externally so outside space is vital as is the ability to store fuel.

If you’d like more recommendations on the range of boilers on the market or would like a no obligation quote for a new boiler check out Regain Heating Solutions qualified boiler installers in Liverpool.