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Urathane Solutions , Lift slabs and solve subsidence problems your Home


These days you have to wait-list some home improvement projects simply because of cost. But fixing the parts of your property with shifted or uneven concrete shouldn’t have to be one of them. With the innovative, cost-effective method of mudjacking, you can get to the bottom of concrete settling problems once and for all and level off the uneven areas around your home or office.

It’s one of those harsh realities of home maintenance: Concrete can settle and slope over time, turning your once beautiful walkway or patio into an unsightly and hazardous part of your property. What’s not true, however, is the need for entirely new concrete construction in these cases. Thanks to a simple process called mudjacking or slab jacking, you can permanently restore your home’s buckled concrete work to its original smooth grade. Best of all, you can make the necessary repairs for about one-third to one-half of the cost of putting in a new slab.

That’s right. Done properly, slab jacking is the affordable answer to all of the settled and shifting concrete slabs throughout your property, including:

  • Realign sunken slabs
  • Lift and realign concrete slabs and floors
  • Reverse house cracking
  • Lift and realign foundation, footings floors and walls
  • Stabilise soil
  • Raise bridge approaches
  • Repair pavements
  • Realign railway tracks
  • Fix roads
  • Repair airport landing surfaces
  • Close wall cracks
  • Lift home footings
  • Resin inject
  • Fill voids
  • Waterproof cellars, basements, basement carparks and tunnels

Mud jacking works by getting to the source of the sub-grade problems and supporting the settled slab from underneath. Depending on what type of construction you need restored, slab jacking can save you as much as one-third to one-half the cost of replacing the entire concrete slab. As with any worthwhile home maintenance project, it’s vital to have a qualified professional contractor handle the work.

So don’t put concrete repairs on your home project wait-list. Restore your home’s beautiful concrete work to its original pristine condition, for less than you ever thought possible. Contact slab jacking concrete specialist to find out how mud jacking can work for you.